Triplicate is a film production team dedicated to telling stories that explore the uncommon corners of human experience. We believe that storytelling at its best should excite, fascinate, and challenge audiences.

Triplicate Productions was founded by three partners with the shared belief that an entertainment company can be a responsible industry citizen.

Steph Clayton

An Australian-born, Vancouver-based Producer, Stephanie has been involved in the Hollywood North film industry for over four years. She has worked in both TV production and corporate studio accounting departments and has recently transitioned to producing. In 2019, Steph produced award-winning shorts and continues to create and educate herself in her craft.

Andrew Forderer

Andrew is a Canadian-American film director, screenwriter, and producer from Seattle. An avid student of craft, he has studied with Judith Weston, Robert McKee, and northwest legend Laszlo Pal. He has background experience in various leadership roles working on a wide variety of commercial and independent projects including features, TV, shorts, and music videos.

Corey J. Holmes

Corey is a screenwriter and Triplicate executive producer based in Seattle. Over the last three decades, she has worked as a journalist, fiction writer, and narrative game designer. In the last year, she completed the development of a one-hour historical drama series with her Triplicate partners and enjoyed seeing one of her shorts go from the page to the screen.

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Legal Notice: Due to legal and insurance restrictions, Triplicate Productions has a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited literary, dramatic, or musical materials in any form for consideration, unless submitted by franchise literary agents or motion picture production individuals with whom Triplicate has established a working relationship. Submissions sent via post will be returned unread. Submissions via email will not be read and will be deleted.

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